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Beautifully Framed

Consecrea offers more than just thick, archival ink canvas prints. Every piece comes framed in a gorgeous and high-quality black or white floating frame, making the item itself a centerpiece on any wall.

Spiritually Crafted

Collections you won’t find anywhere else. Our art curators search tirelessly for artists with the perfect talent and creativity to help build this fresh genre of contemporary, spiritual art.

Limited Edition

Our team regularly works with partnered artists to create original pieces available exclusively through Consecrea. Our Conscrea Originals are beautiful, unique pieces done in a variety of styles and tastes.

Regularly Updated

We are always working towards our next collection. Consecrea art drops occur regularly, allowing us to provide more to an ever-growing community of spiritual art enthusiasts.

Meet Our Community

Gustavo Attab on Enlightenment, ‘Higher Planes’, and How Art Speaks to the Unconscious Mind

He works with both digital and traditional mediums — with murals being some of his most definitive works — and lets these materialize with the divine he’s so connected with. With this highly developed spiritual side, Attab fulfills his idea of an artist: one who is “a bridge between this physical world and a greater, unknowable, divine plane.”

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Brandon 747 on ‘Dreamy’ Interiors, Memories, and Nostalgia

“Most palaces use ethereal and dreamy decorative inspiration to give the space a [magical] feeling,” Brandon told us. “I always look for those when I’m starting a piece of art.” And then he turns them into visions of his dreams, or something faintly reminiscent of his childhood memories.

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Spiritually beautiful modern art. Exclusive artist interviews and art insights. Articles and features on art history, religious and spiritual art. First-looks at our latest pieces, alongside promos, discounts, and more.

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