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Imagine a world where your art is used to find meaning or feel inspired. We connect people from all walks of faith with artists like you—creatives who make art that brightens up someone’s day, one stroke, one pixel at a time.


We’re doing something big,
and we want you with us.



We’re unique. Here’s how:

One hub, millions of new fans

For the first time ever, we’re bringing spiritual individuals to a single location. Get discovered by millions of new fans who are looking for modern, awe-inspiring art like yours.

Ridiculously easy

Like money? Great. Set up your shop in a few minutes. It’s really that simple. Zero fees, zero hidden charges. Forever free. Forever easy.

Be an international artist

Have your design represented on a continuously growing list of high-quality products. We do all the heavy lifting (printing, shipping, customer service) and bring your art to almost every single country in the world.


Which kind of artist are you?

I already have my own shop.

Consecrea is a new hub where your designs can thrive in an entirely different, unsaturated market. Our platform brings together a brand new audience who are waiting to discover fresh new designs, all in one platform.

I don’t have my shop yet.

Bring your designs to life with just a few clicks. Upload your art and turn it into stickers, mugs, and hoodies. Your art is 100% yours. We’re here to turn your designs into amazing products; your fans all over the world get something cool. It’s win-win-win!


You're In Good Company

Voyager Spirit

Working with Conscrea has been a beautiful experience. In the end, seeing so many great artists with such different visions and styles sharing their unique creations for Conscrea has been of the finest inspiration to me. I'm glad to work with the team and I'm really looking forward to create more pieces for this epic gallery.

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Daniel Ignacio

Today I had time to sit down and explore the website! LOVE it! I've been visiting every corner of the site. The site itself is not just a collection of visual art, but also poetic writing. It is the best page for classic art nerds like me. I'm confident Consecrea will flourish just as well!

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Jorge Luis Miraldo

I think that due to the subjects and concepts that we are going to be working on, which are aligned with my personal interests, [this] will be an excellent opportunity to explore new horizons and keep growing as an artist. I'm having so much fun; I’m totally excited about [Consecrea] and this great collab.

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How Consecrea Works

As we expand into a one-stop fulfillment platform, we make it easy for artists to create an account, upload their designs, and start earning. While the artist studio is still in development, here are some things you can expect from our new platform: 

Create an artist account and start uploading your designs.
Customers purchase products, starring your awesome art.
We fulfill, print, and ship orders to your customers and pay you a commission for every piece that you sell.
We reinvest all our earnings into growing the platform, marketing your products to our community to bring you more sales.

“I’m in. What’s next?”

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably interested (or at least interested to know more!). So what’s the next step? Our site is still in development and is expected to be ready by early October, meaning artists can’t sign up yet to create their profiles.

However, we’d love to get your early interest now so we can have you and your art ready for launch. You can think of this as a soft pre-commitment to sign up. By confirming your interest below, we’ll send you over a quick template where you can enter your artist profile and some designs you’d think would work on our site.

So -- you in?

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