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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers & Product

What is Consecrea?

Consecrea is the only platform online curating and creating spiritual, religious pieces in modern styles and aesthetics. We believe in modernizing the way spiritual and religious art is viewed, and work towards building a community of art enthusiasts and artists around the exploration of this idea.

Our collections are meticulously curated and carefully built, with a discovery and creation process that allows us to be proud of every new piece highlighted on Consecrea.

Finally, we heavily invest our time and resources in our community, with regular articles on art and spirituality, interviews with artists and thought leaders, weekly newsletters, and a constant effort to grow our reach and community.

What is a Consecrea product made of?

All Consecrea pieces are framed canvas. We use museum-grade, archival-safe 320 gsm canvas, framed in a gallery-like floating frame in black or white that gives your framed canvas a light but luxurious look.

Every piece is made to order, never stored in a warehouse waiting to be purchased. We print, frame, and package your art with the greatest care and attention to detail.

Why are Consecrea pieces limited edition?

We believe that no art should be mass-produced, and want to give our audience the experience of collecting a piece of art that is uniquely limited from Consecrea. Your art is yours, as unique as the home in which it is hanged.

Consecrea actively releases new limited edition art on a regular basis, allowing our community to see a new batch of beautiful, stunning, and spiritually resonant pieces almost every time they visit.

What sizes does the art come in?

Our pieces come in Small (30x40 cm or 12x16”), Medium (50x66.5 cm or 20x26”) and Large (70x93.5 cm 28x37”). These sizes are perfect for homes and spaces of all sizes.

Do you ship internationally? Do you offer express shipping?

Yes, we ship worldwide. We offer standard shipping and express shipping options.

Artists & Partnerships

Who are the partnered Consecrea artists?

Consecrea partners with artists on an invite-only basis. Our careful selection process ensures that we work with artists who can truly help shape this exciting new genre of modern, spiritual art.

If you are an artist who would like to partner with Consecrea, please contact our Art Director at today.

What mediums or styles does Consecrea look for with art?

Our art team at Consecrea is open to any kind of art that we believe might fit the Consecrea vision. Reach out to our Art Director at with your artist portfolio.

How can I partner with Consecrea as an influencer?

Consecrea regularly partners with influencers and personalities to help promote and spread our brand. If you believe that you and your audience match our brand, contact our Marketing Director at

How can I work or partner with Consecrea or a business, religious institution, or other organization?

Consecrea is driven by community-building efforts, and we are always looking for partnerships with businesses, religious institutions, and other organizations who share our enthusiasm for the exploration of modern religious and spiritual art. To learn more about how to work or partner with Consecrea, contact our Marketing Director at

How can I stay connected with Consecrea?

Consecrea regularly posts blogs, sends out newsletters, and updates on social media. Follow our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to stay connected with our art.

Have other questions or concerns? Send them to or reach out to
 us on Instagram or Facebook.

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