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Easter Gift Ideas: Launch Collection

Easter is a time for life and new beginnings, a day to reconnect with yourself and others. Perhaps it is also the perfect opportunity to examine your faith and switch up your daily life by making it more spiritual and meaningful. So why not start with the space in your home?

We’ve got the perfect religious wall art that looks good in any home, in any room. Here are some from our launch collection that’s reminiscent of Easter, so you can look at it and be reminded of its hopefulness on any day of the year. 

Daniel Ignacio, Pilgrimage

Daniel Ignacio’s Pilgrimage features elements and themes with striking contrasts. It appears dark and pensive, and yet it is filled with bright colors. It’s an image of shadow and light; somber yet full of hope. The piece is evocative of the Easter Vigil, where Christians wait in anticipation—this time on a more joyful note—for the culmination of Christ’s mission.

Ignacio says that the cities and streetscapes in his art are inspired by “the experience of travel, knowing new people, and making new friends across cultures.” This love for the world is overtly expressed in Pilgrimage, where he also draws inspiration from his own Christian spirituality. 

“If we are made in the likeness of God, who made the universe, then the desire to create comes from Him,” he said. “If you think about it, people are souls driving a machine of a body, and I think, with this concept, a connection is to be found between theology and futurism. As long as there is life, there is spirituality in art.”

Kevin Carden, He is Risen

A sunlit landscape brimming with life and color. A lion in the clouds, its mouth open in a triumphant roar. For Christian artist Kevin Carden, Jesus’ resurrection on Easter morning is the most pivotal event in the faith. And from this belief, the piece He is Risen was created. “I am always looking for ways to create artwork around it and try to show just a fraction of how powerful that moment was,” he said. 

This idea is vividly expressed in the piece He is Risen, which, like his other works, is prompted by significant teachings and events from the Bible. So how does Carden rise to the challenge of incorporating these into something as modern as the digital medium? 

“Christian art is not something that should ever have an expiration date,” he said. “Our world is kind of crazy right now, and things are changing rapidly. But there will always be a longing in humankind for love, justice, mercy, and redemption.”

Edward Sun, As Sure as the Sunrise

For Christian graphic designer and musician Edward Sun, scripture plays a vital role—both in his professional work and daily life. In As Sure as the Sunrise, Sun cites Lamentations 3:22-23 as the inspiration: “I wanted to create something that captured that feeling, but with an emphasis on how glorious, beautiful, and joyful the sunrise is compared to the night.”

His love for this verse is informed by his own experience with faith. “My life has repeatedly been a testament to God's unfailing love and mercy,” he said. “I've seen through experience that, just like I'll see the sun rise tomorrow morning, I'll see God's love and mercy soon enough.”

The idea and concept for the piece ring true for Easter, which is perhaps the most promising moment in the Christian tradition.

Steffen Wagner, Let There Be Light

Steffen Wagner, a Berlin-based typography designer and artist, shows his versatility and skillfulness in the graphic piece Let There Be Light. Inspired by one of the most well-loved verses in the book of Genesis, this piece takes iconic elements from Pop art and abstract expressionism. 

Although the verse tells the story of the creation, it can also be contextualized in Easter: a time for a new rising sun, a time for light, a time for life.

Claudia Talavera, Sacred Heart of Jesus

According to artist Claudia Talavera, one of the most heartwarming things she’d gotten as a comment was: “You are not a painter who makes Catholic art; you are a Catholic who shows when you make art.” As a child, she was drawn to the arts and it remained “inherent” in her personhood—just like her Christian faith was.

In Sacred Heart of Jesus, Talavera renders one of the most iconic images of Christ in her own way, where the emphasis on His heart—adorned with a crown of thorns—delivers the idea of love and selflessness. Talavera compares the creative process of this piece with a dance. “You have to start, take the first step, and then everything begins to flow,” she said.

Talavera finds inspiration in the “expressive freedom” of artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse—influences that are incredibly apparent in this vibrant piece. This way, she is able to visually translate her experiences as a Catholic in a fresh, contemporary style: “I try to integrate my own artistic processes and conceptualize them through Catholic spirituality.” 

Niken Andashita, Reach

Poignant yet simple and sweet, Niken Andashita’s Reach features a little boy, a bird, and the moon and stars in this dreamlike scenery. Anindita’s landscapes are somehow beautifully reminiscent of childhood stories, such as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s illustrations in the beloved classic The Little Prince

“I just mix things that spark joy and comfort,” Anindita said of her art. “Drawing places that make me feel nostalgic is my reason to draw.”

In Reach, Andashita highlights the innocence of looking up at the sky; the feeling of being “up there,” but not quite. But it is also incredibly moving in that sense of innocence and hope. “I came out with an idea of a little boy climbing up a tree to reach out to a shiny bird,” she said. “We can’t control things that surround us—whether be emotions, worries, or problems—but we can always reach out for something that makes our life worthy.”

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At Consecrea, we have art for everyone and every kind of faith—no matter how universal or personal. Whether you want to keep it to yourself or give it as a special gift to your loved ones, our framed artworks certainly make the most meaningful tokens. 

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