Alexandr Pamikov on How Sci-Fi, Nature, and ‘Huge’ Worlds Influence His Art

For Alexandr Pamikov — a graphic and animation artist based in Rostov-on-Don, Russia — the story isn’t quite linear either: all he knew is that he had always been drawn to art, and he wanted it to be a major part of his life.

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Morysetta’s Musings on Art, Significance, and the Great 'Cosmic Soup'

Larisa Murariu, otherwise known as Morysetta, is a digital collagist with a penchant for all things otherworldly. She is fascinated by freedom, human consciousness, and the universe. To her, these three spiritual concepts mesh perfectly together through art.

Steffen Wagner on the ‘Harmonic Synthesis’ of Abstraction

So which comes first, the word or the visual? For Wagner, there’s no such thing as procedure. When inspiration strikes, the creation process begins. The Berlin-based designer has an undying fascination with “strong expressions and contrasts,” and typography is the most ideal way to channel this passion.

Kevin Carden on Transforming Mundane Spaces Into Biblical Realms

Kevin Carden, a digital artist and photographer, uses digital software to create and enhance raw materials. He would draft a sketch, take photographs based on these sketches, and manipulate the images based on a theme or concept he’s inspired by. Art, he says, allows him to express the Christian spirituality he’s nurtured for most of his life. “Like Jesus with His sermons,” he said.

Niken Anindita on Fusing Nostalgia Into Digital Landscapes

While Anindita’s artistic pursuits were directly ignited by her love for certain artists (like Japanese animators Makoto Shinkai and Studio Ghibli’s Kazuo Oga), she continues to find creative inspiration in many facets of life. They bring about a multitude of emotive digital paintings, which she hopes would resonate with the viewer.

Nibera: Nature as A Muse and An Advocacy

For Nibera, there’s one more step that goes beyond creating beautiful art — and it is creating purposeful art. For her, whose biggest inspiration and advocacy is nature, it is important that artists bring about a “positive narrative” in their work.

Claudia Talavera, A 21st Century Artist with a Mission of Faith

Peruvian artist Claudia Talavera takes this as both a challenge and a responsibility. She describes her love for art as something “inherent” — perhaps as inherent as the Catholic spirituality she’d nurtured all her life. Claudia wants her work to be “an instrument to restore people's bond with faith.”

Mike Cuomo and His Visual Inquiry Into Space and Spirituality

The cosmos has always been a fascinating venture for humans, filled with endless questions and endless possibilities. New York-based 3D artist Mike Cuomo explores all these emotions through art. ‘Reliquaire Fusion’ — his creative project and alias — is not only ignited by the need to indulge his curiosity, but also to “satisfy his soul.”

The Joy of Curation: From Traditional Galleries To A Modern Platform

Consecrea’s first art collection is meticulously picked: going beyond aesthetics, showcasing not only art but the artists and the story behind them and their work. Consecrea's Art Director, Karren Barcita, dives into the curation process for the first collection and her favorite artworks from launch.

Edward Sun on Being Inspired by Scripture and Human Experience

The Atlanta-based artist tries to capture biblical scripture and human experience in riveting works of art, both in visual and sonic form. It’s clear in many of his designs, including the luminous ‘As Sure As The Sunrise’: a fresh and contemporary take on the iconic verse from the Book of Lamentations

Catherine Thieffry on Balancing Life’s Absurdities with Vibrant Art

As a way to embrace her Thai heritage, Thieffry says that her art is often influenced by Buddhist themes and philosophy. She draws a lot of creative inspiration from the mysteries of life, philosophy, and existential questions.

Daniel Ignacio on ‘Visual Storytelling’ and Spiritually Driven Worlds

For digital artist Daniel Ignacio, creative expression is the best way for the soul to communicate. His works are driven by a love and fascination for the world and its people. Quintessentially, though, this love and inspiration is sourced from God—whom Ignacio considers “The Ultimate Artist.”

Norris Yim: Color as An Emotion Diary

Norris Yim, a Hong Kong-based portraitist, uses his intuition to visually portray moods and emotions. To him, art is a medium of transformation: colors and abstract forms let him express his insights about life and society into “visual poetry.” Yim is the creator of one of our most stunning pieces available at launch: Him, an abstract and unique take on the Christian son of God.