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Nibera: Nature as A Muse and An Advocacy

Graphic design, textile printing, photography — the list goes on for multidisciplinary artist Bernarda “Nibera” Conič. Nibera’s peers and mentors have recognized her unique talent at a very young age. Knowing that art is where she’d find an ultimate sense of fulfillment, she dedicated all her growing years to learning a variety of media.

But for Nibera, there’s one more step that goes beyond creating beautiful art — and it is creating purposeful art. For her, whose biggest inspiration and advocacy is nature, it is important that artists bring about a “positive narrative” in their work. 

Her Consecrea Original ‘Amor Fati’, which was “inspired by a dream,” is currently available in our launch collection. You may purchase it here.

‘Amor Fati’, a Consecrea Original, available for purchase

[Note: The interview below contains minor edits for clarity.]

Tell us about who you are. How did art come into your life? 

I am an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am a graphic designer by day, VJ and photographer by night, and a film photographer at the weekend. My creative path started at a very young age. At primary school, the teachers noticed my artistic potential in art classes and they encouraged me to apply to the school for design and photography in Ljubljana. Four years later, I graduated in photography. 

After high school, I studied textile and fashion design, specializing in pattern design and textile printing. After getting my bachelor’s degree, I studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, and I received a master’s degree in Visual Communication Design.

What does the creation process look like for you? How do you feel while you’re creating a piece, and after a piece is complete?

The process is my favorite part and I feel fulfilled and happy while creating. The finished piece is just the cherry on top. I feel like this is what I’m meant to do and it feels so natural to me to create. I feel the most calm and at peace while creating. I could never feel complete without art in my life — it really is what fulfills me and it’s a very big part of my life.

Who are your influences?

Can’t really point anyone out. But I can say that I’m very inspired by natural phenomena, biodiversity, space, science fiction, dreams, and history.

Art by Nibera (Source)

You mentioned in your site that you have a close relationship with nature, and you like to “capture your experience” with it “and express it visually.” Can you tell us about that?

I’m a huge nature lover and my biggest wish is for earth to heal. I spend all of my weekends in nature regardless of the weather, capturing images and collecting experiences. After that, I feel inspired and want to create art based on what I felt in nature. 

Are there any experiences, books you’ve read, or media you’ve watched that opened your awareness of “being in tune with nature”? How did your personal advocacy with nature begin?

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved animals, vegetation, and the sea. But my awareness has broadened after reading Bill McKibben’s The End Of Nature book. I also felt influenced by Victor Papaneck’s book, The Green Imperative: Ecology and Ethics in Design and Architecture. I also felt moved by many documentaries. The last few I've watched were Seaspiracy, Cowspearicy and The Life on Our Planet.

‘Hiking Weekend’ (Source)

As a creative primarily driven by nature and the environment, what particular thoughts or messages do you want your creative works to exhibit?

My art expresses the love for Mother Earth. It explores alternate realities, showcases mindfulness, and the concern about climate change. Primarily I want to speak about the climate in a language that is not always bleak and pernicious. 

It is very important that we create things that have a positive narrative. Positive visual messages are more stimulating and act as a hopeful destination.

You said that, as an artist, you “can reach out to society in an inspirational non-intrusive way which can emotionally touch the audience.” You also quoted Gerhar Richter who said: ”Art is the highest form of hope.” What kind of role do you think art plays in society, in advocacies?

Art has always had a great cultural impact. If art can trigger some sort of emotions, it can really influence people. Art is often painful, joyful, hopeful — my art is often hopeful and showcases aesthetically pleasing scenery. In these destructive times, I think it is very important that artists are trying to make the world a better place.

‘Towards the Light’, available soon at Consecrea

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