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Morysetta’s Musings on Art, Significance, and the Great 'Cosmic Soup'

Larisa Murariu, otherwise known as Morysetta, is a digital collagist with a penchant for all things otherworldly. She is fascinated by freedom, human consciousness, and the universe. To her, these three spiritual concepts mesh perfectly together through art. 

Morysetta tries to make sense of life’s most difficult questions by turning them into insightful visual expressions. Her piece ‘My Suit Burned Off On The Way Down’, a Consecrea Original, is one of her most electrifying pieces yet.

‘My Suit Burned Off On The Way Down’, a Consecrea Original

[Note: The interview below contains minor edits for clarity and brevity.]

How did art come into your life?

I’ve been doing arts and crafts all my life but not constantly — [there were] very long periods in between. A few years ago, I decided to take art more seriously and try to make a living out of it. I’ve tried and learned a lot of things before I [started doing] digital collage, but once I found it, I’ve never stopped creating it.

What does the creation process look like for you? How do you feel while you’re creating a piece, and after a piece is complete? 

I can’t deny that there’s always a great sense of satisfaction once a piece is completed. I try to work one piece per day, so it can capture the moon for the day. I either get an idea and try to find pictures that will bring it to fruition, or I browse through pictures until something catches my eye.

Lately I find myself daydreaming about freedom. I always imagine I’m there [in the piece], and for the time I work on the piece, I am. I go to this place where time doesn’t exist, and loneliness and grief are not part of the universe — the only feeling you can have is bliss.

‘One’ (Source)

How would you describe your relationship with spirituality?

I think it might be a bit complicated. I’m very skeptical of everything, but I’m also very curious about everything. I’ve kind of established my own set of beliefs that guide me through life. I don’t think we’ll ever know what’s real, anyway.

In one of our earlier conversations, you mentioned that the inspiration for the piece ‘Lights Shine Better in the Dark’ is the idea: “You are a part of everything, you are stardust. We’re little specks of something that keeps the universe going.” Can you talk about this more?

In my imagination, we’re all part of this great “energy” — for lack of a better word — or a mechanism that keeps the universe going. You’re so small and insignificant, and at the same time, so important in the grand scheme of things.

I think this energy gets recycled when we die: We all become a part of this cosmic soup where we don’t stand as individuals anymore, but as a common consciousness running the whole universe.

‘Milky Way’ (Source)

Space and the universe are recurring elements in your work. What fascinates you about The Great Beyond? 

I’m fascinated by the idea that it could so much or it could just be absolutely nothing. To put it in a simpler scale, it’s like you play a game where you get the chance to either win 1 billion dollars, or you have to pay 1 billion dollars. I’m also very scared of death and the idea that the light might just turn off and then — nothing.

You said in your site you like exploring themes of social behavior and the world. What do you find most interesting about this? How does that bring inspiration to your creative work?

I’ve had issues when it comes to understanding relationships, people, and why they act the way they do. So, over time, I guess I tried analyzing and teaching myself about people to feel less inadequate and less of an outsider. Maybe [I’ll also] understand myself along the way. Through art, I’m able to capture feelings, conclusions, and thoughts that I can’t explain in words.

‘Lights Shine Better in the Dark’, A Consecrea Original

‘Lights Shine Better in the Dark’ and more artworks by Morysetta will soon be available as beautiful framed wall art at Consecrea. Sign up to our newsletter for exclusive updates on all our future collaborations.

‘My Suit Burned Off On The Way Down’, Morysetta’s Consecrea Original, is currently available in our collection. Purchase it here.

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