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Marko Stupić, Imaginative Illustrator of Dreamy Spaces

Marko Stupić used to be a little kid holding a paintbrush or a crayon, sketching on anything within reach. Now, he is a professional UX and UI designer who creates lively illustrations based on pop culture, science fiction, and world-famous cities. “Because it’s fun,” he told us. “[I do it] for me.” 

When he’s not working with clients, the Croatia-based artist racks his mind for ideas, draws a quick sketch of them, and translates them into digital paintings. He likes playing with colors, contrasts, and shadows — mainly for style and aesthetics, but also to show profoundness within a piece. 

His Consecrea Original, ‘Om Sweet Om’, embodies this perfectly. “I wanted to show that you can achieve peace in a very busy city,” he said, referring to the thematic contrast between an individual’s quietude and a bustling town outside. You may purchase the piece as framed wall art here.

‘Om Sweet Om’ by Marko Stupić, available at Consecrea

[Note: The interview below contains minor edits for clarity and brevity.]

Tell us about who you are. How did art come into your life?

Since I was a small kid, I have been drawing stuff. The whole house had my “art”: walls, floors, furniture. My mom was very pleased (laughs). We still have the table that I drew a lot on when I was 4 years old. You could say that I started really early. 

Later on, I went to graphic design school and then the University of Graphic Technology and Design. My whole life was surrounded by art. The most famous person from my little town in Ozalj, was the aquarelle artist Slava Raskaj — even the school I went to was named [after] her. 

Before, I mainly used watercolors for paintings, and then I evolved to digital platforms. Today I use Adobe Illustrator as my main tool for expression. 

‘Sunset’ by Marko Stupić (Source)

What does the creation process look like for you? How do you feel while you’re creating a piece, and after a piece is complete? 

I like working on illustrations. In my business as a UX and UI designer, I don’t always have the opportunity to create them. I use social platforms to publish my art so that people can see what I do. 

I do most of my illustrations in my free time and whenever I feel like doing them. I drink my coffee, draw a small quick sketch, and visualize it on my computer. Sometimes it takes more time, sometimes it’s super simple. It depends on how I feel that day. 

Who are your biggest influences?

My art is very atmospheric, you can say. I like to play with lights and shadows and show different emotions with those. The first reaction I get from people when they see my illustrations is that they really like the colors. 

My biggest influences are not people or other artists, but pop culture, my love for science fiction, space, and mythology. You can notice that many of my illustrations contain stars and sunsets — all that dreamy scenery.

‘Predators’ by Marko Stupić (Source)

You mentioned that some of your illustrations are inspired by terrains in Africa, towns in Paris, and even a “space city.” What real-world or fictional places ignite your creative side? What do you find fascinating about them?

I really do travel a lot and I do get inspired by those places. I went to Paris several times and it’s a really beautiful place, so I did a few pieces around that motif. And as a big Star Trek and Star Wars fan, many of my illustrations are inspired by TV shows and movies like those.

You post art as often as you can (including your cool project Icon A Day). How do you keep yourself motivated to constantly create?

I wish I had more time to work on illustrations. But when I do, I do it purely because it’s fun for me. My motivation is the people that surround me and the people that follow me. I really like to hear comments from them, how I can improve, stuff like that.

‘Paris’ by Marko Stupić (Source)

Follow Marko Stupić on Instagram here.

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