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The Joy of Curation: From Traditional Galleries To A Modern Platform

I was first exposed to the beauty of the curatorial process when I interned for the local Museum of Contemporary Art and Design. It was like building a puzzle piece together; creating a narrative that awakens the subconscious and enlightens the soul whether through social relevance, pure enlightenment, or the pleasure of aesthetics. 

I knew right away that my heart was set on the art industry as a calling. Something about being around art everyday made me feel at home and it kept me inspired everyday.

In that same year, I was motivated to volunteer at a local university’s art gallery. During this time, I learned a lot about the conservation of valuable and preserved artworks; it was one of the most relaxing activities I could look forward to during that time.

My prior involvements with traditional art houses and galleries gave me a wider perspective on the essence of the art of curation. The artist, the curator, and the gallery really go through a collaborative process in churning out what they want to spotlight every exhibition. 

It might sound complex but it all boils down to the story that a curator wants to tell through the lenses of the various perspectives of talented artists. Alternatively, the artist could also be more deeply involved in navigating how he wants his work to be represented and the curator helps him tie it all together.

Building A New Genre At Consecrea

Consecrea’s first art collection is meticulously picked: going beyond aesthetics, showcasing not only art but the artists and the story behind them and their work. 

One thing we think about in the curation process is making art accessible to the new generation through the amazing selection of modern interpretations; of understanding what spiritually means in today’s time. My team works together to ensure diversity in styles and art forms and creativity -- building a well-rounded community that revolves around art that calls.

I was definitely inspired by the artists’ inspirations for their works and I found pieces I am absolutely in love with. 

I’ve been a digital artist for four years, exploring psychedelic and surreal to minimal and monochromatic themes. Through visual art I was able to metaphorically advocate for women empowerment, body positivity, and mental health awareness. 

There is something powerful about communicating hope through one’s work and I found it in these three beautifully made pieces:

  1. Let There Be Light by Steffen Wagner

The playful combination of his modern take on typography, abstract geometric shapes, and colorful palette is so eye-catching. It definitely elevates this iconic bible verse to a very youthful and hip vibe. It’s a very optimistic message that would be great to wake up to.

  1. Reach by Nikken Anindita

    The soft palette and dreamlike elements create a sense of peace and nostalgia. A reminder of a safe space where one can dream endlessly. A pure harbinger of hope. A great way to introduce a subtle but awe-inspiring piece in one’s artwork collection.
  1. My Suit Burned Off On the Way Down by Morysetta

The composition of the vast universe surrounding an angel lost in paradise is beautiful, surreal, and thought-provoking. The technique is masterfully done. It definitely takes me to a fantasy world hidden in the depths of the artist’s brilliant mind. This would be perfect for people looking for a more experimental art style that is literally out of this world.

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