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Brandon 747 on ‘Dreamy’ Interiors, Memories, and Nostalgia

Brandon Harrell, also known as Brandon 747, finds raw images of beautiful palaces and transforms them into something more heavenly. All he needs are his three signature elements: clouds, pink skies, and the crescent moon. Things only seen from the above.

“Most palaces use ethereal and dreamy decorative inspiration to give the space a [magical] feeling,” he told us. “I always look for those when I’m starting a piece of art.”

And then he turns them into visions of his dreams, or something faintly reminiscent of his childhood memories. Even his process is reliant on these things — while creating, he listens to music or watches shows that remind him of his past. That’s why he places more value on the journey far more than the destination. “I’m not always happy with the outcome,” said Harrell, “but I’m always happy with the process.”

You can buy ‘Teal Palace,’ one of his most mesmerizing pieces, here.

‘Teal Palace’ by Brandon 747, available at Consecrea

Tell us about yourself. How did art come into your life?

I started off doing regular photography in 2017 after buying myself a camera. I  eventually just got tired of asking other artists to help bring to life artwork ideas that I had stuck in my head, so I decided I would download and learn Photoshop.

What does the creation process look like for you? How do you feel while you’re creating a piece, and after a piece is complete? 

For me, the creation process is different each time. Sometimes the idea pops up into my mind and I add it to my iPhone reminders so I won’t forget it. Then later that day, when I have time to edit, I’ll just look at my reminders and pick a concept. Other times I just like to open Photoshop and see what I can make on the fly. 

When I’m editing, I always have a nostalgic feeling since I’m usually watching movies, shows, or cartoons from my childhood. Same with when I’m listening to my 80s and 90s genre music. Since my artwork makes people feel nostalgic and dreamy, it’s the perfect inspiration for me. I’m not always happy with the outcome of some art, but I’m always happy with the process since I’m spending time doing something I love.

Your artistic choices are so distinct but consistent — we can’t help but get curious about it. How were you able to form your signature style and niche?

Last year my IG account was hacked and disabled for a couple of months. So not knowing if I was going to get it back or not, I started thinking of making a new account, and where I’d like to take my artwork. I’m heavily influenced by 80s culture, my dreams, ethereal vibes, and sunsets, so I just experimented with those elements. After I got my IG account back, I already had a base for what I wanted. 

Around September 2020, I posted an image of an interior bedroom with clouds that got amazing feedback so I decided to try more of those. Shortly after, I added the pink aesthetic to go along with the interior shots since the color, and mood reminded me of a childhood memory.

Art by Brandon 747 (Source)

You once said that there was a time when “you couldn’t dream at all,” but they started to come again and you wanted to “document them” through art. What was that experience like? How did you decide that visual art was the medium for you?

The experience of not being able to dream was very strange, since it just felt like I’d close my eyes for a second and it would be time to wake up. When I started to dream again, I was very excited. I felt like visual art was the best way to document those moments because Photoshop had the tools for me to make accurate representations of what I was seeing at the time.

Do you think our subconscious dreams reveal something about us? How does your work express these revelations?

I believe some of my subconscious dreams are actually just memories from my childhood that I’ve forgotten. So when they pop up, I try my best to build a concept around it. Even if it doesn’t turn out spot on, it still connects me to the memory.

Your signature color palette is very reminiscent of the sundown. What’s the thought process behind it?

The color also came from a childhood memory. Since the rain is my favorite, every single time it rains, I just pull up a chair and watch. One day, it was raining during a sunset and the sun and clouds had turned the entire sky pink. If you just happened to walk outside, everything  just looked pink. I was so amazed. That was the first time I had seen something like  that. I remember asking my mom why it was so pink outside. I decided to add that to my newly found interior art, and it was received well.

Art by Brandon 747 (Source)

The crescent moon is present in every single one of your pieces. What’s the significance of this symbol to you? 

To me, the moon is just its own traveling entity that manages to make its way to all of these destinations. One day, the entity will reveal it’s true form. Maybe [that’s] when my artwork reaches a new path.

Follow Brandon 747 on Instagram here.

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