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Aron Visuals Brings Soulful Stories to Life Through Digital Art

An enlightened person is someone who “dares to be different,” someone who is “not afraid.” At least, that’s what it’s like for photographer and digital artist Aron Visuals, whose subjects are almost always these glowing figures. They’re often depicted in some other spiritual realm, with elements that borrow from the supernatural.

But it’s just Aron’s way of viewing the universe. He’s deeply connected to it and its sensations — from visuals to music, they serve as his inspiration in one way or another. He uses visuals to create, listens to music to stimulate. It’s all a part of his creative process and artistic identity.

‘Soul Enlightenment,’ he tells us, is one of the most intimate pieces he’s made in his career. “The concept and story of this artwork is deeply personal to me,” he explained. “All I can say is I felt the same way in real life when [I was] ‘reborn,’ and I transformed all my emotions into this piece of art.” 

You can buy the enchanting piece as framed wall art here.

‘Soul Enlightenment’ by Aron Visuals, available at Consecrea

[Note: The interview below contains minor edits for clarity and brevity.]

Tell us about yourself. How did art come into your life?

I’m a digital artist from North Macedonia. Art came into my life when I was very young. I was very good at drawing things and stories at school. I entered a lot of competitions during that time and I always felt [that] yeah, it’s an amazing thing, but somehow something was missing. Then I upgraded myself as a photographer because I truly loved capturing nature and people’s emotions, things, and stories in real life. 

With time, I felt again that I wanted more, until I became a digital artist 3 years ago and I still feel the same as when I started. I’m full of passion and love, and that’s just the beginning. I have a lot to show and create, but I’m very thankful for what I went through being [a part of] the creative world my whole life.

What does the creation process look like for you? How do you feel while you’re creating a piece, and after a piece is complete? 

For me, it all starts from getting ideas and then writing them as notes for reminders later. Sometimes [I start with] sketching, but it depends because a lot of things will change and only the main idea stays at the end of the artwork.

As someone who is a perfectionist [starting with] the stock picture, I spend a lot of time searching and trying stuff I really like. But the most amazing thing is when I just don’t think at all and sit down, open Photoshop, get some stocks or what I already have, and just start creating. It goes like a wave, and the artworks created this way are the most special ones to me because my soul speaks loudly through them. 

Sometimes while creating, I feel nervous if something is not going in the direction that I want it to. But then I leave, and the next day, everything goes amazing. When I finish each artwork, I always feel pure happiness inside me as the new piece is born.

‘THERE’S NO CHOIR’ by Aron Visuals (Source)

As an artist inspired by the surreal, how would you describe your relationship with spirituality?

I'm very connected with the universe, as you can see in my artworks. Every day [I’m] searching, learning, and wondering why it’s all up there, and if I’ll ever get the opportunity to see space one day. I feel a special connection and one with the Universe.

You once said that your artworks are based on stories you imagine beforehand. How does digital art, as a medium, help you tell these stories? 

True, not all the artworks are based on real stories. But [they] transport me to another world that I only feel while creating in Photoshop, the program that helps me the most. Without it, it won’t be possible for me or it won’t be the same as it is now, so I am very thankful to Adobe.

Tell us about the classical music you listen to whenever you create. How do they make you imagine things better? What about music that stimulates your visual senses?

I love to listen to symphonic metal and rock, or sometimes just instrumentals by incredible talented artists that make my soul wake up to some other dimension. [With] those genres, I feel alive and I am able to close my eyes while listening, creating stories in my head. I do listen also while I’m creating and it’s the same feeling, [and] I am [transported] out of this world. My second name is Escapist.

‘DREAMSCAPE’ by Aron Visuals (Source)

The main subject for a lot of your pieces is a “special” individual — someone who is glowing or enlightened. Without these visual cues in the real world, what does an “enlightened person” look like to you? How would they achieve this enlightenment?

Dare to be different and not be afraid, to believe in themselves and follow their dreams, and never give up no matter what. It’s possible — it just depends on how much they want it. 

For me, all of the individuals in my artworks are dreamers that follow their path and never give up until they make their dreams come true. As someone who has had a lot of dreams come true, I’m trying to send a message in a lot of the artworks. The stories in my art show that moment. 

But of course that’s not always [the case]. As someone who is inspired by a lot of things, there are also sad stories, pain, and suffering. But that’s life; we all have to go through these to make us stronger. There are a lot of different stories to tell.

Art by Aron Visuals (Source)

You always say that you’re a “night person.” What insights do you think nighttime can offer us that daytime can’t?

I think peace. Especially to me since I live in the center of the city, and yeah, I get more inspired during the late night when there are no sounds outside — only silence, darkness, stars, and the moon. Through my window, [they give me] light, and then I play the music that I listen to, breathe in with my eyes closed, and create stories in my mind about what artwork I will create this time. I do this every night as [if it’s] some ritual, and it helps a lot.

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