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Alexandr Pamikov on How Sci-Fi, Nature, and ‘Huge’ Worlds Influence His Art

It’s hard to say for certain what an “artistic awakening” is like for somebody. For Alexandr Pamikov — a graphic and animation artist based in Rostov-on-Don, Russia — the story isn’t quite linear either: all he knew is that he had always been drawn to art, and he wanted it to be a major part of his life. 

This love for art was further amplified when he discovered sci-fi and cyberpunk, which he admires for their uniqueness. Inspired, Pamikov wanted to try experimenting with these in his art style after dealing mostly with themes of naturalism. But he goes back to his roots with the poignant piece ‘Clear’, which represented a tumultuous time in his life. 

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‘Clear’ by Alexandr Pamikov, available at Consecrea

[Note: The interview below contains minor edits for clarity.]

Tell us about who you are. How did art come into your life? 

To be honest, it happened suddenly. Maybe it happened before in small moments that I did not notice. I think it started from the moment I became interested in film photography [which led me to] start taking a course in print design.

What does the creation process look like for you? How do you feel while you’re creating a piece, and after a piece is complete? 

This is a good question — I have pondered on these points many times. I think that now, [my creation process] starts with deliberate concepts, feelings, and emotions. But I am still in search of a workflow that I could improve every day. 

Who are your biggest influences?

No matter how trite my answer may sound, my biggest influences are artists: traditional painters, 3D artists, illustrators, concept artists, films, books, directors, and cameramen. It’s just that with each stage of growing up, my taste changes — and is still changing.

‘Nonexistent’ by Alexandr Pamikov (Source)

You said that many of your pieces are inspired by sci-fi and cyberpunk. What got you interested in these worlds?

When I first saw the movie Blade Runner 2049, I literally fell in love with it. I am so strongly influenced by it that I still watch the first and second films sometimes.

Sci-fi and cyberpunk are very huge worlds, and in the hands of other artists they look completely different. I really like that in different variations of these worlds you can feel a different atmosphere, a different life, and other problems.

Aside from these futuristic elements, are there any other art styles or themes you like experimenting with?

I think that I also like to explore nature and everything that concerns it. Sometimes I miss those times when I worked in that direction.

‘Monument’ by Alexandr Pamikov (Source)

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