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Celebrate Your Spirit: Snippets of Faith and Spirituality from Consecrea Artists

We might’ve grown up with conventions that defined what faith or spirituality means. Sometimes we resonate with the things we were taught; other times, we discover it in a way that feels more fitting for us. (“I’ve learned it’s okay to have my own interpretation,” one of our artists, Mike Cuomo, once told us. “Understanding that everyone finds spirituality and religion differently would have been a great lesson to teach in Sunday school.”)

In spite of these differences, one thing’s for sure: our spirituality helps us move towards the same goal of living fuller lives. And it becomes an even more active pursuit in domains like art, which is one of the most straightforward forms of self-expression.

Our partnered artists have their own unique musings about life and spirituality. These play a large role in their lives, their work, and their world at large. Hopefully, they deliver these messages as much as they live through them.

Alex Rommel

Detail from ‘Split Second’ by Alex Rommel

“Our role in the universe is, soberly said, rather trivial. But when we say that, we realize that everything is connected and we are also a part of the universe. It becomes completely different then. Like Carl Sagan once said: ‘We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.’ If so, then maybe an artist’s role is to be a way for the cosmos to imagine itself.”

Ben Jones

Detail from ‘No. 148 GROUNDING’ by Ben Jones

“I’m allowing myself to be open-minded to new concepts and ideas that might have not existed if I was ‘too tangible.’ I also try to remain open-minded to new spiritual ideas and concepts — I believe in love and the Earth as a provider and healer of all things.”

Christian Benavides

Detail from ‘Nippon Eden’ by Christian Benavides

“Art is one of the ways and tools we can use to modify our limitations, ancient beliefs, fears, and structures that make us unconsciously create a reality that reflects our darkness. When I do an illustration, I’m attentive and conscious of what I want to do. I place an intention and purpose to the practice of creating the artwork. In the end, I'm creating something consciously, totally present. That's the equivalent of what I want to do with my life — create it and co-create it consciously with the collective.”

Catherine Thieffry

Detail from ‘The Way Is Not In The Sky’ by Catherine Thieffry

“I used to rely solely on rational and scientific thinking and would dismiss any kind of spirituality. But certain events in my life led me to take on another path [and be] in touch with the mysteries of the universe. I understand that there’s rationality as well as irrationality in the workings of our world. And to cope with not knowing, I turn to art, spirituality, and philosophy.”


Detail from ‘My Suit Burned Off On The Way Down’ by Morysetta

“I find myself daydreaming about freedom. I always imagine I’m there [in the piece], and for the time I work on the piece, I am. I go to this place where time doesn’t exist, and loneliness and grief are not part of the universe — the only feeling you can have is bliss. In my imagination, we’re all part of this great ‘energy’ — for lack of a better word — or a mechanism that keeps the universe going.”

Niken Anindita

Detail from ‘Reach’ by Niken Anindita

“I enjoy painting night skies because of my love for astronomy. There’s a sense of infinity in space and the night sky. It makes us feel small and far, and I just love these feelings. I love that we humans can’t comprehend the scale of the universe, and that our time is so short and meaningless, but at the same time so significant and meaningful.”


Detail from ‘House of God’ by Shorsh

“I think that there is something supernatural about the process of making and giving birth to something new. It elevates our soul to a divine condition and gives us the possibility to speak a universal language. Art definitely has an impact on my spirituality — it’s a source of reflection and power.”

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