A Practical Guide to Starting and Building an Incredible Art Collection

Art collection seems like an intimidating hobby reserved only for a few. The big market doesn’t hold a lot of room for the layperson, and the art industry can appear a bit overwhelming to those who aren’t a part of […]

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The Worst Restoration Projects in Christian History

Most of us do things out of sheer goodwill. But when “goodwill” doesn’t translate to good results, more problems are created rather than solved. Artworks fade over time, and many of those who value them would take a well-meaning initiative […]

The Oakland Buddha, An Unlikely Harbinger of Peace in a Troubled Community

When a local Californian man found himself fed up with vandalism, litter, and crime in his neighborhood in Oakland, he decided to take matters into his own hands. A median strip at 11th Avenue and East 19th Street became a […]

Consecrea Pieces to Look At When You Need Peace of Mind

We could all use a breather in our routine these days. It looks different for everyone: it could be a walk in the park, a movie at home, a new recipe to try, or maybe just a 20-minute-nap. These things, […]

Illustrations of the Yūrei, The Beguiling Spirits of Japanese Folklore

A house in Nerima, Tokyo is said to have harbored years of cursed vengeance against all those who step foot in it. The victims included a social worker, a detective, and a group of schoolgirls, who all reportedly died through […]

Raving At "Pure Land", Japan's Sacred Techno-Buddhist Grounds

At an age where the youth seems to be losing touch with traditional forms of worship, a DJ-turned-Buddhist priest would rise to the challenge by incorporating rave culture in his services. In 2017, Gyōsen Asakura, the master of the temple […]

How A French Artist Transforms Scraps Into Metallic Angels and Other Ethereal Art

Junk and throwaway tools? Not quite. For the most creative and unorthodox of minds, anything could be a medium of art — and an expression of secular philosophies.  Baptiste Debombourg, who describes his artistry as “a conveyer of encounters,” transforms […]

Feng Shui, Wabi-Sabi, Astrology: How Spiritual Concepts Find Their Home In Interior Design

Every project that people pursue becomes more and more personal these days. They have begun to incorporate their own identity, mood, and faith in many avenues of life. Of course, daily routines and immediate environment would fall among these avenues […]

Caravaggio’s “The Calling of St. Matthew,” Pope Francis’s Favorite Piece

“A Jesuit must be creative,” Pope Francis once said. He’s passionate about such things — many of his past professions involved creativity and learning in some way or another. He’d been a chemical technician, a tango dancer, an opera fan, […]

Statues of Jesus Around the World, And What They Tell Us About Religious Cultures

No matter how unified Christian principles are, its religious culture remains wonderfully diverse. Christians from all over the world have many views of Christ as the Savior and there are just as many ways to celebrate and express it. These […]

Mental Health in Modern and Contemporary Art

“What am I in the eyes of most people — a non-entity, an eccentric, or an unpleasant person, somebody who has no position in society and will never have. In short, the lowest of the low,” wrote Vincent van Gogh […]

The Portrayal of Dreams in Art

Do you recall what your dreams last night were? Most of the time, we hardly ever do. Most dreams aren’t stored in our hippocampus — our brain’s memory bank — so we’re quick to forget about them. But, as Carl […]

Sister Corita Kent: The Rebel Nun Who Rallied People Through Pop Art

“The only God-Love we know is human love,” Corita Kent, once Sister Mary Corita, painted in no one walks waters. For many religious artists, the theme of spirituality revolved around the intangible, the things that transcend human reality. But Corita […]