How This Monk Puts ‘Modern’ Faith in the Limelight Through Beatboxing

Silence is the ultimate sign of reverence in most religions, but sometimes, noise can be just as profound and impactful. Yogetsu Akasaka, a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk, combines his religious profession and duties with his penchant for music and beatboxing.

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‘Sacrifice’ as An Inquiry of Life, Death, and the Cycle of Change

We treat life and death as two entirely separate forces, perhaps even antithetical to each other. But what if they were in the same space, with the same objects, in the same plane of existence?

The ‘Minimalist’, ‘Hypebeast’, and ‘Emoji Bibles’: Modern Visuals Bring People Closer to Faith

Many people find leverage in more tangible contexts — and integrating modern, familiar visuals may be one of the ways that people can connect with the source material better.

‘Nippon Eden’ — A Cultural Twist on the Fabled Christian Paradise

In ‘Nippon Eden’, the story shifts from the fall of humankind to a more optimistic note. Here, the man and woman perform a celebratory dance, one with nature and each other.

Taking the Leap: How the Soul Seeks the Light in ‘The Calling’

Kevin Carden's ‘The Calling’ came about as a spur-of-the-moment idea and ended up being a parable of its own. Layer after layer, it reveals the yearning of man to be one with the light.

Amid a Tumultuous Industry, K-Pop Artists Seek Refuge in God

In the Korean entertainment industry, few remain steadfast in keeping a good balance between their careers and personal lives. There isn’t a lot of space to maintain one’s spiritual wellbeing in an industry notorious for unethical practices, but faith, for some, is essential for self-preservation.

The Last of Its Kind: The Great Iron Church of Istanbul

In the richly religious lands of Istanbul, Turkey, a great Orthodox Christian church made of cast iron has stood — against all odds — for 123 years. The Bulgarian-owned St. Stephen’s Church (Sveti Stefan Kilisesi in Turkish), completed in 1898, […]

The Ancient Art of Kintsugi: Piecing Back Broken Pieces with Gold

“All my scars are golden,” English musician Gabrielle Aplin sings in the lively pop anthem Kintsugi. In the song, she describes the state of personal vulnerability and resilience: “Now that I’m shattered, I’m all kinds of me / Was knocked […]

‘Art from the Beyond’: The Spiritual Work of Austin Lesage and Finding Sacredness in the Absurd

“One day, you will be a painter.” Is life a product of prophecy and pre-determinism? Does talent find an individual or do they discover it within themselves? There is no proven answer to either question. But one thing is certain: […]

Meet the Hippie Activist Nuns Healing the World Through Cannabis

A group of self-ordained sisters from Merced County, California is on a spiritual mission to heal and empower the world through organic medicine. The main source? The cannabis plant — also infamously known as marijuana. Despite the taboo associated with […]

Sister Plautilla Nelli, The Nun Who Formed An All-Women Art Collective During the Renaissance

Who comes to mind when you think about the Renaissance? Is it Michaelangelo, Raphael? Da Vinci, Caravaggio? These individuals are indeed revolutionary talents, and they were true pioneers of art’s most enlightened era yet. But where were the women during […]

Shinto Shrines: Celebrating Faith, Culture, and Nature

Many cultures revere nature as a spirit in and of itself. And with the grandeur of the world, why shouldn’t we think of it as such? From the trees to the mountains to the rivers—there is an inherent spiritual depth […]

Bangkok’s ‘David Beckham Temple’: A Hub of Spirituality and Pop Culture

When you enter a Buddhist temple in the bustling cultural city of Bangkok, Thailand, the last thing you’d expect to see is a statue of football superstar David Beckham. As far-fetched as the idea is, it’s entirely real. The Wat […]