How to Curate a Spiritual Gallery Wall at Home

Walls can either be an empty, soulless space, or a blank canvas waiting to be filled with color. It’s a medium that offers the most room for expression. One way you can work with it is by turning it into […]

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The Horrifying Sights of the ‘Hell Gardens’ in Thailand’s Buddhist Temples

Most people know Buddhism as quite a peaceful and temperate religion — gory and violent scenes don’t seem to fit anywhere within this belief system. But it does not take the concept of sin lightly. These gardens are a testament to that.

Female in the Frontlines: Fernanda Maya’s ‘Juana de Arco’

“The core message is the strength found in beliefs and the willpower to see them through,” said artist Fernanda Maya. Her Joan of Arc portrait delivers “the power of a woman against dangerous situations, and the power to motivate others through your own actions.”

Christ in the Mosh Pit: Brazil’s Metanóia Church Sings Praises in Heavy Metal

The place is decked in death metal references, giving it a dark gothic feel through spiders, blades and daggers, skulls, and even black crucifixes. Where one might expect to find a line singing praise to the heavens, a banner reads: “Jesus is the Lord of the Underground.”

Claudia Talavera’s ‘The Virgin of Guadalupe’, A ‘Street Culture’ Take on a Classic Marian Portrait

Faith and spirituality aren’t always perceived openly in the secular world. But Talavera’s ‘The Virgin of Guadalupe’ explores these nuances by contextualizing the Holy Mother in an age where her presence doesn’t seem so overt. She’s still there, Talavera argues — and uses art to show it.

Bottoms Up! This Christian Pastor Uses Whiskey to Strengthen A Community’s Faith

“Drinking whiskey requires a culture of enjoyment that complements wonderfully with the thought of taking time for one’s faith,” said Catholic priest Eschenbacher. “The personal encounter with God is a real taste experience.”

Farmer Turned ASMR Star: How This Man Promotes a Culture of Spirituality to the Youth

An 84-year-old retired farmer found himself in the spotlight after being branded as an unlikely YouTube star for his meditative videos about faith and spirituality. “If something in my voice conveys restfulness, then thank God for that," he said.

The Beginning of the World, Reimagined by Consecrea Artists

No one knows how the world came about, and it’s probably going to be a mystery forever. But what better way to explore all these musings than through art?

Heavenly Sights: The Twin Temples of Fanjingshan

What would heaven on earth look like? High above the clouds, the “Twin Temples” atop the sacred Mount Fanjing — “Brahma’s Pure Land” — in Guizhou, China might be the closest visual one could imagine.

Blessed Fra Angelico, The Angelic Painter

Blessed Fra Angelico: Dominican friar, Renaissance painter, and the Patron of All Catholic Artists. Fra Angelico’s artistic genius was immeasurable — he was often called “a rare and perfect talent.”

Zen in the Contemporary World: Finding Beauty and Meaning in Open Spaces

These ideas, adopted into visual concepts, are still rooted in the fundamental intent of Zen: to find value in “less” and incompletion, to minimize noise and clutter from the external world, and to encourage an individual to be one with nature.

Celebrate Your Spirit: Snippets of Faith and Spirituality from Consecrea Artists

We might’ve grown up with conventions that defined what faith or spirituality means. Sometimes we resonate with the things we were taught; other times, we discover it in a way that feels more fitting for us. (“I’ve learned it’s okay […]

Art Dive: Mike Cuomo’s Astronauts and the Search for the Divine

In Cuomo’s immersive Reliquaire Fusion series, space is always the backdrop, and the astronaut is the protagonist. He doesn’t have a name, doesn’t represent a narrative; but he is the epitome of an insatiable inquisitive nature.

Exploring Alternate Realities: Consecrea Artists’ Renditions of the Surreal

Surreal art is closely tied with the subconscious and other forms of bizarre, otherworldly realities. Here are some of our favorites from our current collection.