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Partnered Artists

Meet the artists behind Consecrea

Leonardo Silva

Leonardo Silva is a 3D and animation artist from Valencia, Venezuela. He is interested in the dynamism of saturated colors and highlights, saying that he “likes to make everything shine.” These unique techniques make his work modern, electric, and compelling.

Alexandr Pamikov

Alex Pamikov is a graphic and animation artist based in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. He started out with creating posters, but soon enough discovered a penchant for 3D and digital landscapes. He is constantly fascinated by futurism, technology, and cyberpunk.

Benjamin Jones

Ben Jones is an analog and digital artist from South Carolina, USA. He likes to explore both “conceptual and visual emotions” in his work. As a result, his art becomes “the thoughtful combination of dreams and the intangible.”

Marko Stupic

Croatian digital artist Marko Stupic finds joy in creating character designs and illustrations. Fueled by optimism for his craft, Marko is fascinated by pop culture, travel, science fiction, and mythology.

Fernanda Maya

Fernanda Maya is a digital designer and illustrator based in Medellín, Colombia. She finds a lot of inspiration in mythology, culture, and esoteric symbolism, which are recurring themes in her artworks.

Edward Sun

Atlanta-bred graphic designer Edward Sun is a well-rounded designer with an affinity for music and rap. His creative works are enriched by one thing that remains constant in his life: his Christian faith. Most of Edward’s graphic works are inspired by scriptures from the Bible, as well as his insights about the human experience.

Dorian Legret

Dorian Legret is a digital contemporary artist based in Orléans, France. Surrealist elements, vivid bursts of color, and diverse abstract patterns characterize his creative works. Dorian’s creative technique is experimental, imaginative, and beautifully compelling and is a modern master of the vaporwave style.

Daniel Ignacio

Canadian digital artist Daniel Ignacio is an “artist of daydreams.” Previously a freelance writer and photojournalist, Daniel aptly describes his creative projects as an effort of “visual storytelling.” His work depicts a lot of streets and cityscapes, ignited by a love for culture, travel, people, and God.

Jethro Derrick Ace Molina

Cult of the Self is a graphic artist based in Baguio, Philippines. Aside from illustrations (which often contain political undertones), he also creates digital collages. He takes inspiration from Classical and Renaissance art, which he sees as captivating and timeless. He says that these genres allow him to explore and broaden his creativity as an artist.

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