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Partnered Artists

Meet the artists behind Consecrea

Brandon Harrell

Brandon Harrell's pieces are embedded with classical architecture and natural elements — including a signature crescent moon — and he uses a distinct color palette to tie them thematically.

Aron Visuals

Fueled by the stories he cooks up in his mind, Aron Visuals wants to create meaningful pieces that speak to someone’s soul. His inspiration? Nature, nightscapes, music, and the depth of human emotion.


Cielmot is an active and passionate member of the NFT art community. He describes his works as “art where you can discover new and hidden worlds.”

Christian Benavides

Hailing from Medellín, Colombia, Christian Benevides (aka Voyager Spirit) is an illustrator for picture books, character designs, and other forms of concept art. He loves heeding mystical and spiritual ideas, and these are overt in every whimsical piece he shares with the world.

Adèle Hennion

Adèle Hennion is an architect and artist from Lille, France. She discovered her passion for art in the years she was learning architecture. Both of these practices drive her as a creative, and most of her oeuvre are highly inspired by buildings, towns, and cities.

Jorge Luis Miraldo

Jorge Luis Miraldo, also known as his creative alias Shørsh, is an art director and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jorge likes to explore unorthodox and mystic themes in his works. He believes that making art is inherently spiritual because it allows us to “speak a universal language.”

Alex Rommel

Alex Rommel is a Russian-born artist currently based in Neubrandenburg, Germany. As someone whose “religion is nature,” his primary driving force in creating is his love for the great outdoors.

Stuart Lippincott

Stuart Lippincott is a 3D designer, production artist, and animator based in Arkansas, USA. A master of digital renditions, he produces them on the daily and finds that the creative process is his “little dose of medicine.”

Mason El Hage

Mason El Hage is a multidisciplinary designer based in London, UK. . As a designer, Mason ensures that his works are beautiful, striking, and above all — successful. He is influenced by a myriad of ideas and cultures, including nature and Japanese visual arts.

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